Parliament Street of Delhi has been turned into a red sea

Najarbandi: Massive Mahapadav Depicts The Workers’ Pathetic Plight Caused By Modi Government.

Parliament Street of Delhi has been turned into a sea of mass workers during the Mahapadav in Delhi. Nearly 1 lakh people gathered at Delhi’s Parliament Street in protest of central government’s policies that have adversely affected the working class of India. Flagged by 10 central trade unions and several workers’ and employees federations, the Mahapadav or mega sit-in highlights the fast deteriorating conditions of working class in India today. Though some people in this country are still hopeful about the fact that GST will come out with good impacts on people the reality differs from the expectation of middle class. And as a result mass protest of workers has taken a shape of Mahapadav. To be more specific it is a protest of working class against the anti-labour and anti-people politics of Modi-government and the country have seen one of the biggest workers protests in recent times during this three days from 9th November to 11th November.

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